mardi 28 février 2012

The Speedlight Projector

Some of you maybe remember the shooting ''Tomb Raider'' I did a few years ago. Or ''Hitman'', a few month later. Those shooting are the first two of a whole serie I'm working on.

The name of the project is "Super heroes and famous figures". The purpose of that is to take pictures of famous movies of super heroes using almost only the light to understand who they are.

For doing that, I needed an incredible control of the light. Goboing, flagging and gridding my speedlights wasn't enough. I had to build something more accurate.

I then made a named-by-me "Speedlight Projector".

The concept is simple: I used an old slide projector and placed a speedlight to replace the lamp. I just have to print slides on my inkjet printer and I can project anything on anything, anytime and almost everywhere (need not to much ambiant light though).

Here is the making video of SP1. I made a second one to fit my alienbees witch give me way more power so I can project on brighter environments! I'll post this one later.

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